Breast Prefer small or Large?


What is the relationship between men without money and big breasts? It seems a little difficult to find that answer, but crazy research has found that men with little money are more attracted to women with big breasts. Makes sense?

All this because, in lean times, men tend to recover primitive instincts, preferring everything that is presented more abundantly, and this extends to the taste for women, giving preference to those with larger breasts.

Two studies were carried out so that the results were as accurate as possible. In the first survey, 266 men in Malaysia, from different social classes, were heard. These men analyzed different images, related to physical attractiveness and breast sizes.

The results showed that there is a ranking, with men from lower social classes very fond of women with large breasts, while those from the middle class just like it and those from the upper class prefer women who are not so advantageous.


The choice of men, according to the research, may have a historical explanation. Breasts serve as a natural fat deposit, and evidence shows that women with larger breasts tend to have higher levels of estrogen. With these characteristics, these women would have a greater potential for fertility and reproduction, thus being preferred by men. It would be a natural selection.

The firmness of the breasts is related to age. The younger the woman, the greater the chance that she will have a firm chest. Over the years, the tendency is for the flaccidity in the region to increase. According to the scientists, once again men choose the firmer breast not for beauty, but thinking about reproduction.

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