Hair Loss How can you Prevent this

With a few tips and the ideal products you can make your hair strong!

Guys, to prevent or treat hair loss, count on products that nourish the hair from the root, such as serum and hair tonic , see? In addition, it is important to avoid getting wet hair! Want to pick up some more tips? Come with me!

Daily Care


Look, getting wet hair after showering, raining or going into the pool or the sea can bring dandruff, seborrhea and dermatitis, you know? This can end the health of the scalp and hence the hair can fall out!

Also avoid sleeping with them wet, as moving your head on the pillow can break the threads, you know? In addition, both the bed and the wet head at bedtime can become the ideal place for the creation of fungi and bacteria, causing allergies.

So, a tip to avoid getting wet hair on a daily basis is to blow dry, but always using a thermal protector on the wires, to protect from the hot jet, okay? And when it is time to dry the dryer , leave it, about 20 centimeters away from the scalp, because the very strong heat is bad and can even burn.

Another option is to use dry shampoo , which removes a little oiliness and leaves the hair lighter and a little cleaner too. However, as he does not wash the threads deeply, you can’t always use them, see?

Use treatment Products

Now, if you want to treat and prevent hair loss, some products are great for that and even help to hydrate the strands. The hair serum , for example, in addition to nourishing the hair from the root, improves split ends and creates a protective layer for the hair. Too much!

In addition, hair tonic is also a great option, as it helps in hair growth, renews hair, prevents dandruff and even fungi!

And to use these products the tip is to use the tonic as soon as you get out of the bath, and with the hair already almost dry or dry, use the serum. This can be repeated whenever you wash the threads, okay? Liked it! So if you want some more tips on how to use the serum? Just take a look here !

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