What are the best proteins for sleeping

Protein before bed to gain muscle mass

You should probably know that proteins are essential for us to be able to increase our muscle mass . But did you know that there are some moments that if we consume specific amounts and types of proteins we can get better results? Consuming protein before bed is one of them.

In this post you will see how consuming protein before bed will help you gain more muscle mass.

In addition you will see which are the best proteins for this moment. You will also understand that it is not enough to just eat protein to generate hypertrophy, gain muscle.

Why consume protein before bed?


When we are sleeping, muscle building also occurs. This process ends up being limited after a certain time because there are no longer large amounts of amino acids available. These amino acids are obtained by digesting the proteins in our food.

That is why protein intake before bed is recommended. It will be digested and amino acids will be available for the formation of new proteins, new tissues, more muscle mass.

Thus, even without eating for several hours, your body will have material to continue the processes of recovery and muscle growth while you sleep.

Studies show that when we perform a weight training, protein intake at night helps both in hypertrophy and in increasing strength.

In this way, having a protein meal before bed can boost your results in gaining muscle mass.

Thus, a great way to take advantage of the stimuli generated by training and generate adaptation. Muscle adaptation, that is, muscle growth.

To find out when another time protein intake plays an important role, visit this post on when to consume protein .

How much protein do you need?

The daily recommendation of protein intake for you who practice physical activity and aim at muscle hypertrophy is around 2g / kg of body weight. It can be a little less or a little more, depending on the needs of each person.

Within this recommendation, we should fit approximately the amount of 30 – 40g of protein in the last meal of the day.

This amount was tested in study and proved to be efficient in improving and stimulating the protein synthesis of our body. That is, in improving the formation of new proteins, of more muscle mass during sleep.


Breast Prefer small or Large?


What is the relationship between men without money and big breasts? It seems a little difficult to find that answer, but crazy research has found that men with little money are more attracted to women with big breasts. Makes sense?

All this because, in lean times, men tend to recover primitive instincts, preferring everything that is presented more abundantly, and this extends to the taste for women, giving preference to those with larger breasts.

Two studies were carried out so that the results were as accurate as possible. In the first survey, 266 men in Malaysia, from different social classes, were heard. These men analyzed different images, related to physical attractiveness and breast sizes.

The results showed that there is a ranking, with men from lower social classes very fond of women with large breasts, while those from the middle class just like it and those from the upper class prefer women who are not so advantageous.


The choice of men, according to the research, may have a historical explanation. Breasts serve as a natural fat deposit, and evidence shows that women with larger breasts tend to have higher levels of estrogen. With these characteristics, these women would have a greater potential for fertility and reproduction, thus being preferred by men. It would be a natural selection.

The firmness of the breasts is related to age. The younger the woman, the greater the chance that she will have a firm chest. Over the years, the tendency is for the flaccidity in the region to increase. According to the scientists, once again men choose the firmer breast not for beauty, but thinking about reproduction.

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