Breasts … Prefer small or large?

A good friend of mine maintains that he “loves small breasts” at high and low. Frankly, I have a hard time believing him on his word. He may like small breasts, but I really can’t imagine that he is raising his nose in front of a pair of lushly shaped breasts (“Yes, really,” he insists). Another friend believes that “Small or large does not matter, as long as they are beautiful …”. CNM dot com Well, I can get a better income there.

Small or big? It remains a hot item. Ask four men what kind of bosom they like best, and they will answer you in four different ways – complete with reflections and thoughtful reasoning. But for the most part the criterion will remain ‘beautiful breasts’. Whether they are big, small, real or not real … It doesn’t matter. As long as it looks ‘delicious’ (and not only that …).

Another question is whether the owner of the bosom in question is happy with it. How many women with small, perky breasts have I heard that they would like to have cup C? And how many women with cup C don’t think about breast reduction? Not to mention the countless women who actually took action and had their breasts reduced or enlarged.

But what is it all about? If most men – apart from that one good friend we don’t believe in his word – say they “don’t care if they’re big or small, fake or real, pear-shaped or apple-shaped,” where do we go? in front of? For ourselves? For our men, because we think we are more attractive to them? To meet an ideal image imposed on us by the media? Or simply because it is fashionable … Just look at the United States or South America where ‘fake breasts’ are almost becoming the standard gift for every girl’s eighteenth birthday?

We are not curious about the opinion of the men (‘we know that now’), but about the opinion of your readers, whether you have small, large or fake breasts. How do you handle this item? Are you happy with ‘what you have’ or do you ever think about a breast enlargement or reduction? Or have you already had surgery done? Mail us your response through the window below. We will publish the most interesting comments below – completely anonymously.