Healthy Juice Recipes for Summer

Not many people have an idea that watermelon fruit can make a really good and tasty juicy. This juice is best if taken during summer seasons because it has antioxidant which prevents cancer and kidneys stones in the body. Here you need to cut watermelon into pieces and juicer them. Put in a glass and add small amount of honey rather than sugar and stir. The outcome of the juice is very smooth and it will give a very good freshening taste. This is one of the main Healthy Juice Recipes for Summer which you need to be looking out to prepare and for sure it has a lot of healthy benefits than you can imagine.

Healthy Juice Recipes for Summer

Lemon juice is something else which you need to prepare during summer. This is because it’s known better to curing and preventing throat infections and also it makes a person to gain a healthy and smooth skin. The juice gives vitamin see and that’s why you need to prepare at home. Take lemons and mix with ginger and some kales juicer them in a blender. Wait till it’s smooth and fine and take it. This is one of the juices you should go for since it’s very beneficial in the body.

Mixed berry is another juice which is liked by many people during summer season. It’s liked because it does not need many processes to be ready and it does not take time but seconds or few minutes. The procedure is to take, I cup of vanilla yogurt, 1 banana, cup blueberries, strawberries and orange juice. You need to juicer all of these together and produce a very wonderful juice which will make your summer days good and very cooling not forgetting you will have a lot to benefit from your body.

Banana Honey juice is what many haven’t heard about not even tasting. If you want to surprise your family with very sweet juice, make this one in particular and they will keep asking for more and more. To prepare this juice you need a ripe banana, lemon juice 1 spoon, honey like 2 spoons, milk and raisins. These are the ingredients and the procedure is just mixing all the contents together in a blender till to a fine paste and smooth. After, you can serve your family and you can choose to sprinkle cinnamon powder on the top of the juice. Here they will be very happy and that’s why you need to try.

Healthy Juice Recipes for Summer is what you should be looking and seeking for so that you can enjoy preparing all kinds and types of juices. Take time and learn all the recipes of different ingredients and how to mix them so as to have a good mixture and come up with a tasty juice. Learning makes a person to know what they didn’t know before and become expert of preparing juices and on what occasions. If you have never prepared a juice before, this is a chance for you to learn and you will become a better person.

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